About me

Whilst growing up one of my wishes was always to get a big camera and to be able to take pictures. Sadly, financially, my parents could never grant me that wish, but the passion and love for photography never died. I started getting more into photography once I had left school and started studying conservation at Saasveld in George, Western Cape, South Africa. The birth of the digital era coincided with that, making it more viable financially. And so I have progressed up the ladder photographically, teaching myself through various means and experimenting; regularly driving friends to near insanity levels. I have now combined my understanding of nature with photography and believe that photography is an important avenue to educate people on the necessity to conserve what we have left of this awesome planet.

Where Rabid Rabbit Photography comes from is a curious story of translation and edginess. Whilst working in the Drakensberg with school groups the staff at the camp called me Nokwadja which simply means hare or rabbit, but in the same token is a mischievous character much in the same lines as Brer Rabbit, as I was always up to some mischief. Later on when trying to come up with a name a close friend came up with Rabid Rabbit and it eventually stuck. Through its catchiness and the passion I have for capturing the shot, it works for me. I hope in future it will become a brand that is synonymous with quality and creativity in all the images. It’s a brand that I would like to expand and bring in other photographers that have the same passion and can build the brand name further.

I believe in providing a service to those that need it, which is why I have taken up wedding photography, where I strongly believe that many of you cannot afford the great wedding photographers out there, but I can provide a service that I believe will meet and surpass your expectations at an affordable price.
Please contact me so we can discuss a package that will suit your needs and your pocket. Please remember where ever you are I will come to.

Nature and Landscapes
There are many big game photographers out there today, all trying to get the next best image of a lion or leopard. As much as I enjoy that type of photography my passion lies more in the smaller things, the patterns and textures, the fine print that we often overlook as we scan the scene for that leopard in a tree. Together with this I enjoy landscapes and try to capture the mood and reveal the secrets the land has carefully kept hidden from us.

As much as I love photography I hope you enjoy the images as much as I do taking them.

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