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Conservation Stewardship


  South Africa along with other many other countries has signed agreements to invest in and secure natural areas for future generations to be able to enjoy our great biodiversity. Conservation Stewardship is where government agencies, ngo’s, private, corporate and community land owners work together to set land aside for formal conservation. The land owner does not loose their land but makes a commitment and in most cases signs a contractual agreement to manage their land in a sustainable manner. The government in return offers various incentives including greater access to support through agencies and bodies of knowledge to help manage the property. Stewardship has been formally running in South Africa for the last decade, mostly in the Western and Northern Cape through S.K.E.P. and C.A.P.E. and has only in the last few years really moved to KZN and stretching to all other parts of South Africa. In these areas the Biodiversity Hotspots known as Fynbos and the Succulent Karoo are home to thousands of unique, threatened, rare and endemic species, while in KZN we form part of the Maputoland, Pondoland, Albany Hotspot stretching from Mozambique to the Eastern Cape.

Many people from the Nonoti Community need to cross this estuary every day whether its open or closed and walk to the nearest town called Zinkwazi 3km north. For some this is the source of water to do their laundry and water their cattle. But this is to change as the community is being developed and will have running water, electricity and proper sanitation. I work in this community with a number of other groups.

I work on such a project on the KZN North Coast and will take you about over the coming weeks and months and potentially years showing you how amazing this process is and the issues that go with it.

One of the Chameleons you can find is Nonoti

Some of the current homes in Nonoti. Soon this will be replaced with a three bedroom brick house with all the necessary bits and pieces.





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