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Death of the African Tree

A unique view into the rabidly disappearing natural forests through mans interference and the issues that go with these actions. Africa is a place of extremes with extreme temperature variation to extreme droughts and extreme floods. The people of Africa are no less extreme with the vast majority below the breadline and heavily reliant on foreign aid and often with foreign exploitation leaving only a few to gain wealth and the rest receiving a stipe end in return for the wealth of Africa, leaving its people even more impoverished. The governments often incapable of truly rectifying the situation leaving its people to further rely on the natural resources Africa has freely given. Added to this a huge population expansion rate and greater pressure on resources Africa is once more at war. A war that has often been fought through clashing tribes wanting land or resources, but now the war is for everyone to attempt to replenish its dwindling resources.

This story is as much a tragedy as it is hopeful. Our lives in all aspects are connected and the lives we lead play a pivotal role in the world we live in today.

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